About IVF

We’ve found a few Web sites and books that have been great sources of information for In Vitro Fertilization. We hope we’ve eased your search by listing them here.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists
This is not our clinic, but offers a wealth of information.

IVF on Wikipedia
Wikipedia’s clearly defined answers to IVF.

A national support network for IVF patients.

A site “adopted” from A Few Good Eggs.

Childless Not By Choice
This site provides a forum for sharing all aspects of infertility with other couples, anonymously online.

“A Few Good Eggs”, by Julie Vargo and Maureen Regan – A dynamite book that is the only true “girlfriends guide” to IVF that I’ve found. A must read for any woman experiencing IVF, in my humble opinion. Buy yours now!

“The Infertility Survival Handbook…”, by Elizabeth Swire Falker  Buy Yours Now!

“Budgeting for Infertility”, by Evelina Sterling and Angie Best-Boss. – BabyOrBust.com is featured in this incredibly valuable book about funding your infertility treatment without going broke. Buy Yours Now!