About Us

Hello! We’re Shelton and Brandi Koskie. We met in 1999 in college while working for Old Navy. Somewhere among the folded t-shirts and long hours unpacking shipment, co-workers became friends and friends became more. Eighteen months later, in 2001, we started dating and it didn’t take long to realize the cliché that “you just know when you’re in love.” Shelton proposed 15 months later and we’ve now been disgustingly, blissfully married since 2002.

Shortly before graduating college we agreed to start trying to have a baby (I know, we’re nuts!). In December 2005, we decided it was taking far too long and went to see our doctor. A few tests later and we began specialist hopping, where we learned we would not be able to conceive without the assistance of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

In our first trip to the fertility clinic we learned that the expenses would total $20,000. While Brandi and Shelton had great entry-level positions in exciting careers and managed a fairly comfortable lifestyle, they did not have that kind of expendable income lying around. That’s when Brandi pitched the idea of launching a fundraising Web site and blog to help raise the funds; and thus, in 2006 BabyOrBust.com was born.

Brandi and Shelton spent three years telling their personal story of infertility in a candid, intimate and humorous blog while accepting nearly $6,500 in donations from around the world in a first-of-its-kind IVF fundraiser. By 2009, the couple decided it was time to put push to shove, and with $13,000 of their own money, plus the donations, embarked on their first round of IVF. Thankfully, the attempt was successful, and in April 2010 the Koskies will welcome their first child, a girl.

The Koskies’ BabyOrBust.com story has been featured in the media, including the CBS Early Show, Wichita Eagle and many fellow AP Press affiliates like The New York Times and Washington Post, KFDI radio morning show, and NPR’s KMUW. Additionally, BabyOrBust.com was featured in the 2009 book “Budgeting for Infertility.”

Brandi continues to blog their story of going from infertility to pregnancy, and has every intention of recording the future chapters of parenthood.

It’s with a lot of heart, honesty with self and others, humor and realism that Brandi and Shelton not only survived being an infertile couple, but thrived. They are grateful for the hundreds of donations, and words of encouragement and blessings to start their own family that they have received.

Still need more dirt?

Brandi works in interactive marketing and is currently the editor for a leading health and weight loss site, DietsInReview.com. Shelton works in interactive marketing within the health care software industry. Brandi is a proud alum of the University of Oklahoma, and Shelton is currently working to complete his degree.

They are both the oldest of three children and very close to both of their families. They’ve proudly welcomed three nieces and one nephew since their infertility journey began, and appreciate the “breaking in” the four darlings have provided.

Brandi and Shelton are truly best friends and together enjoy Sooner football, Dave Matthews Band, lazy Sunday mornings, camping, good food and even better friends and conversation.

Shelton enjoys reaping the benefits of Brandi’s love affair with the kitchen, while Brandi is glad to have such a dedicated computer enthusiast at arm’s reach for those common sticky situations. If only Brandi could get Shelton to like Scrabble and Shelton could get Brandi to want to listen to NPR, you could say it’s almost picture perfect!